Quality Control

Quality starts with careful selection of the best raw materials from reliable suppliers. Quality is also maintained in the compounds used in our products through strict adherence to rigid procedures and precise controls. It is at these beginning stages in product manufacturing that Diamond Rubber Products excels. For without carefully selected materials, the quality of our finished goods would be compromised.


Material processing begins with close control of raw material weights and mixing procedures. Each of the products manufactured goes through a rigorous process to ensure quality, durability and beauty in every finished piece. At Diamond Rubber Products, our goal is to process each and every job with the highest degree of efficiency and quality.

Moreover, the processing of OEM (original equipment manufacturer) rubber products is another specialty of Diamond Rubber Products. In fact, logos and designs are often added to a finished product to further customize a particular order

Final Inspection

Before each “job” leaves our manufacturing floor, each lot is carefully inspected to ensure the highest possible quality. Diamond Rubber Products ensures that our customers will be satisfied with the goods that we produce. Our long standing tradition of quality products and services requires that we make this final inspection. It is quite simply our way of verifying the integrity of our products and our staff.

We have a simple motto: “Do it right the first time.”