I am looking to order Aircraft Wheel Chocks. What is considered a set of chocks?

One set of aircraft chocks consists of two single chocks, connected with 36” of rope between the two chocks. Both chocks will be fully equipped with yellow reflective tape unless otherwise specified. See “AW Chocks” for photos and sizes.

Can you supply pre-drilled bumpers?

Absolutely! All we ask is that you provide a drawing or sketch; this way, we will have the complete hole pattern and the sizes of the mounting holes you need.

Do you have an order minimum?

Yes, we have a $250 order minimum, in any combination of Diamond Rubber Products. However, if you are unable to meet the $250 minimum, a small handling fee of $35 can be applied to allow us to process your smaller order.

Can you put my company logo on a rubber part?

Every custom part is different. In most cases, yes we can. However, please contact one of our sales representatives to discuss further.

I want to pay for my order by credit card. How does that work?

We gladly accept Visa, MasterCard, and American Express card payments. You can either call in the card details, or complete our Credit Card Authorization Form, available here. If you call with the details, please be sure to include the card number, the expiration date, the security code, and the billing address (including ZIP code) for the card you choose. Also, please note that a 3% surcharge will apply to any payment made with Visa or MasterCard, and a 4% surcharge will apply to any payment made with American Express. This processing charge will include any freight costs that we may prepay and add to your invoice, so you can avoid those by recommending your own preferred carrier when you order. This will avoid any freight handling charges that we would otherwise have to pass along as well. You can avoid the processing fees altogether if you want to prepay (via check or ACH); with these options, we will begin your order once we receive the payment.

Do you charge my card before or after you produce my parts?

Generally, we take the card information before production to guarantee payment, but we only run the charges after production has been completed, to ensure that everything was completed as planned. Unless you tell us otherwise, we usually keep everything on a single charge for your convenience. If you ever need us to charge a card early to help with your budget, just let us know — we are happy to do that, too!

Is shipping included in any of your prices?

Shipping is not included. We offer you the best factory-direct pricing available, and we will ship with your carrier of choice whenever possible. However, we have no control over freight rates, so they are always separate. We manage what we can to provide the best value for you with the parts we produce; that is our strong suit!

How can I lower my Shipping and Handling rates?

You can eliminate handling charges completely by specifying your own preferred carrier, which will also utilize your own discounted rates with that company. When you order, please include any account number needed to ship with your carrier of choice, to ensure that your full discounts are applied. We ship parcels every weekday with UPS (except holidays), and we can schedule any LTL Freight carrier that serves the southeastern United States or the nation as a whole. Many regional carriers even have partners who can team up to help you move your shipment from Alabama to wherever you need it to go.

Where can I weigh my truck before and after a pickup/delivery at Diamond Rubber?

There is a CAT scale at the Pilot station on I-20/59 at exit 123 (about 8 miles east of us) and another at the Flying J at exit 104 (about 17 miles west of us).

Hey! Those distances add up to 25 miles, but the exits you named are only 19 miles apart. What’s up with that?

We are located about three miles off the interstate. To see what we mean, and to see the easiest way to get a truck to our door, check out our Google Map widget here.

What is the easiest way to track my order once it ships?

Visit our Tracking page and enter the tracking number in the field for the matching carrier. If you have already received your invoice, the carrier is noted near the top, and the tracking number is visible near the bottom.

When will my order ship?

We always produce and ship your parts as early as possible unless you schedule a future date to better meet your needs. Some standard-size items may be available in stock for prompt shipping, and many more of our most popular items have standard lead times during normal production cycles. We can usually produce and ship our AW Chocks in 5-7 days after receipt of order, and many of our D-bumpers and similar profiles in 7-10 days after receipt of order. If you need regular releases of anything we make, talk to us about blanket orders to help keep your parts available on your schedule, too. Call or email our sales and service team today!

When is your office open?

Our office hours are 7:30am to 4:00pm, Central Time, Monday-Thursday, and 7:30am to 3:00pm on Friday. We close for one full week in the summer, including Independence Day, and one full week in the winter, typically from Christmas Day to New Year’s Day. There is no production or shipping during the summer and winter closings. We are always open at www.diamondrubber.com!

You asked me to choose a length on my AW Chocks. Why can’t I just order whatever is on the shelf?

We always produce your chocks from freshly-mixed rubber whenever you place an order with us, for excellent strength and maximum longevity. Also, we are the factory, so we will make any size you need from the beginning. These chocks are in production every week we are open, so your AW Chocks will always be brand-new when they reach you.

I need lab-testing certification for something I want to order. How do I request this?

Our factory staff is equipped to produce high-quality rubber products year-round. However, we do not maintain a full-service lab on site. If you need formal lab tests for specific certifications, please request those tests in detail when you place your order. We can have your tests quoted at one of the trusted labs we have used in the past, and you can add that cost to your written Purchase Order to proceed.

How do I determine the durometer that I need?

The best ways to determine the required durometer for parts we produce are (1) by referring to an official print that states the material requirements, or (2) by sending us a sample. We keep a variety of durometer gauges on hand to test almost anything you can request. Please send a sample to our production address, and include your card or contact info with the sample. If you need us to produce something large, a small sample will often suffice. For unusual parts, a full-sized sample is often more helpful. Our production address is below.

Diamond Rubber Products
4000 50th Street SW
Birmingham, AL 35221

What sort of warranty do you offer on your parts?

We always warrant our parts to be within your order specifications, and free of manufacturing defects, at the moment they leave our dock. Please inspect everything immediately upon receipt by your carrier of choice. If anything appears out of sorts, you should stop the carrier at once and note any visible damage or questionable packaging before you sign for the delivery. This will help us to help you file a claim if the carrier damaged parts or packaging, leading to missing parts or material damage. While you file a claim, we can reproduce the parts to keep you running. On the rare occasion that something not-quite-perfect might slip past our QC inspection, we will replace that for you at no charge, too.

I ordered the wrong parts by mistake. How do I return something to you?

If you ordered standard parts that we can supply to someone else, please contact us for an RMA number before you ship anything back. An approved Return Materials Authorization will be accepted for credit, as long as you pay for the return shipping, and the parts are still in factory-new condition when they arrive. If you ordered customized parts, or parts unique to your company, we cannot resell those items, and those sales are typically considered final.

Where do I mail a check? How else can I pay an invoice?

You can pay your invoices by check, by credit card, by wire transfer, or by ACH deposit. Please contact our sales and support staff for electronic payment instructions if needed. You can download our Credit Card Authorization Form or call in your card details. Please mail checks to our Post Office Box below.

Diamond Rubber Products
PO Box 531164
Birmingham, AL  35253

Why did I get two invoices when I placed only one order?

Either we made two shipments because you needed a partial order as quickly as possible, or we made a combined shipment when you ordered parts from both Diamond Rubber and Able Products, which are sister companies, but which invoice separately from each other. When we ship you a partial order, we send you an invoice for the partial, so you only pay for what you have received. We send a follow-up invoice for the remaining parts after we ship the balance to you. The Purchase Order number will usually be the same on both partial invoices, to help you receive all parts correctly.