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Snowplow Blades

Our Rubber Snow Plow Blades are specially designed for the unique environment to which snow pushers are subjected every day. We use a resilient black SBR with a durometer of 60-65 shoreA. While the most popular sizes are listed below, these blades are available in nearly any size you can imagine. Our sturdy rubber compound can withstand winter’s varying conditions all through the season.

Long Lasting
: These tough rubber blades show very little wear after many hours of use, and they can outlast steel edges many times over. The rubber edges easily adjust to irregular road surfaces and pavement markers without gouging or scraping. These edges save you from costly repairs to sunken lighting or to surfaces such as cobblestone and brick.

Lower Maintenance Costs: Our Rubber Snow Plow Blades need fewer replacements than similar steel edges. Fewer man-hours spent on maintenance, combined with shorter down times, add up to lower costs overall. The rubber blades also absorb vibration, protecting the plow, truck, and driver from shock damage that would be transmitted with a steel edge. This helps to reduce driver fatigue and equipment wear as well.

Fast, Clean, Quiet Snow Removal:
Molded and cut for best effect, our edges display a “squeegee” action to clean faster, better, and much more quietly than steel cutting edges.

Lengths:  The blades may be ordered cut to any length to meet your exact specifications. Distributors and bulk users may order individually-cut lengths or rubber blade stock rolls 40 or 50 feet in length.

Adjustment: It is recommended that rubber snow plow blades be adjusted to the type of equipment on which they are installed. Front-mounted plows that ride on casters or shoes often perform best with a 2" overhang. A 1" extension beyond the moldboard is suggested for unsupported front-mounted, underbody-mounted plows, and graders.

The most commonly-used sizes are:

  • 1-1/2" thick x 12" wide - V plows
  • 1-1/2" thick x 10" wide - Front mounted plows supported by wheels or shoes
  • 1-1/2" thick x 8" wide - Underbody-mounted plows and graders; also good for unsupported front-mounted plows and graders.
  • 1" thick x 6" wide - Jeeps and pickup trucks

Made in the USA at our very own factory here in Birmingham, Alabama; email us for more information today!

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